Month summary - September 2023

Posted by Tobiasz Kedzierski on 30.09.2023

September 2023

I am aggregating here some more or less interesting stuff of various IT related materials which I came across this month. Some of them are strictly related to the things I did or am currently doing.

Some thoughts

This month, I had the pleasure of attending the incredible PyCon CZ conference in Prague. The excitement began even before I arrived in Prague, as I had the chance to meet John and Judy from the USA during my train journey. John, a retired programmer, shared stories of his work with natural language, SQL-Windows, and COBOL. It felt like I was meeting a living legend!

During the train ride, I also had the pleasure of getting to know Piotr, the organizer of PyKonik. The conference itself was a fantastic experience, with a multitude of great people and captivating presentations.

One of the best moments of the conference for me was when I put myself on the list for the Lightning Talks. This was a huge challenge for me as I am usually quite nervous when it comes to public speaking, but I was determined to push myself out of my comfort zone. The title of my presentation was "ML (Fast)API below 100ms (on GCP)". The presentation, as well as all the resources related to it, can be found in my repository. I have provided an end-to-end working example on Google Cloud that demonstrates how to defer load from FastAPI (served by CloudRun) to a background worker (also on CloudRun) via a queueing system (PubSub). After practicing my presentation numerous times in my hotel room, I finally stepped onto the stage and gave it my all.

Overall, it was an incredible experience that allowed me to learn new skills, connect with amazing individuals and showcase my capabilities as a developer. I am grateful for these opportunities and look forward to what the future holds!

PyCon CZ.

I also refreshed my Google Associate Cloud Engineer certificate and revisited the fundamentals.

Google Associate Cloud Engineer certficate]


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