Month summary - January 2024

Posted by Tobiasz Kedzierski on 31.01.2024

January 2024

I am aggregating here some more or less interesting stuff of various IT related materials which I came across this month. Some of them are strictly related to the things I did or am currently doing.


How Pinterest scaled to 11 million users with only 6 engineers

Lessons from scaling Pinterest

No Downtime Deployments with Gunicorn

You want to continue serving requests while your Gunicorn process restarts to load your application code updates, and you want to avoid setting up a complicated code deployment process. Gunicorn supports this workflow out of the box with the HUP signal.

Advice for new software devs who've read all those other advice essays

From a person who really shouldn't be giving others advice.

10 Things Software Developers Should Learn about Learning

Learning is necessary for software developers. Change is perpetual: New technologies are frequently invented, and old technologies are repeatedly updated. Thus, developers do not learn to program just once—over the course of their careers they will learn many new programming languages and frameworks

The AI Puppet Dance

It’s like we’re all participating in a massively distributed presales party arranged by the tech giants.


Durmonski - How To Approach Learning Self-Discipline

One of the reasons why we tend not to exert self-control comes down to a powerful background idea whose full destructive force we may not even be aware of. That is, the belief that others will judge us harshly when we steer away from the social norms.



A task runner / simpler Make alternative written in Go


But, you might ask, which one is my perfect API match? Well, let’s grab our map and compass and explore their unique strengths and ideal journeys together:

Other stuff

RICE score: A prioritization framework for estimating the value of ideas

RICE—which stands for Reach, Impact, Confidence and Effort—is a simple prioritization framework for quantifying the potential value of features, project ideas and initiatives.


37C3 - Breaking "DRM" in Polish trains